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Preparing some genomic annotations

Mappability track

I produced a mappability track from the UCSC track. The raw file contains, for each base in the genome, an estimation of the probability that a read is correctly mapped at this position.

Using a sliding-window approach, I compute the average mappability in regions of size 1 Kbp. This is a more manageable amount of data and still informative, especially when interested in large regions (e.g. SVs).

I used a custom Perl script to efficiently parse the bedGraph-transformed original file. See the code on GitHub.

I uploaded the result there: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/i537zjs65dpw34n/map100mer-1kbp.bed.gz?dl=0.

We can cut the genome into three mappability classes:

  • unique regions with high mappability estimate (>0.95).
  • low-map regions with a non-null mappability but lower than 0.95.
  • no-map regions with mappability 0.

map.class Mb prop
unique 2485.972 0.803
low-map 375.608 0.121
no-map 233.228 0.075