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Bibliography style for AJHG

I couldn’t find an up-to-date/working LaTeX bibliography style for the American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG). The output from unsrtnat (my goto style) was also quite different from what the journal wanted.

I found a bibliography style for Cell which is almost what AJHG wants, but I also wanted the references to be ordered by their appearance in the text (like for unsrtnat) and not alphabetically. So I downloaded both cell.bst (here) and unsrtnat.bst (here) files and merged them. I don’t understand all the details but after some trial-and-errors it seems to work.

After merging, I removed the emphasis on the Journal/Book name which was the only difference I could see between the Cell and AJHG styles.

I also added some code to automatically compress long author lists into “et al.”. In the code, the line with max.num.names.before.forced.et.al specifies the maximum number of authors before switching to “et al.”. The line with num.names.shown.with.forced.et.al specifies how many authors to show when using et al.. They are both set at 10, following AJHG guidelines.

The final ajhg.bst file can be found here. I used it with \usepackage[comma,super]{natbib}.