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And here is the PDF of my PhD thesis on “Population-Based Approaches to Characterize Copy Number Variation from Whole-Genome Sequencing in Healthy Individuals and Disease Cohorts” (LaTeX source).



  • Characterising the CYP21A2 gene with Parakit

    Jul 2, 2024, International Genome Graph Symposium
    Ascona, Switzerland Details PDF

  • Pangenome graph construction from genome alignments with Minigraph-Cactus

    Jun 26, 2024, Journées Ouvertes en Biologie, Informatique, et Mathématiques
    Toulouse, France Details PDF


  • Pangenomes: incorporating diversity into genomic analyses

    Oct 4, 2022, Google Genomics Deep Dive
    Palo Alto, CA, USA Details

  • Accurate short variant calling from sequencing data with pangenomes and DeepVariant

    Sep 9, 2022, AGBT Precision Health
    San Diego, CA, USA Details PDF


  • Genotyping structural variants in human cohorts using pangenome graphs

    Dec 11, 2020, Voice of the Researcher
    Genomics Institute, UC Santa Cruz, CA, USA Details PDF

  • Genotyping structural variants in TOPMed using pangenome graphs

    Feb 12, 2020, GSP-TOPMed Analysis Workshop
    New York City, NY, USA Details PDF


  • Genotyping structural variants in pangenome graphs using the vg toolkit

    Nov 7, 2019, Genome Informatics
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, USA Details PDF Slides

  • Genome variation graphs with the vg toolkit

    Oct 15, 2019, GRC-GIAB Workshop (ASHG19)
    Houston, TX, USA Details PDF

  • Genotyping structural variants in pangenome graphs using the vg toolkit

    Oct 12, 2019, Northern California Computational Biology Symposium
    UC Davis, CA, USA Details PDF


  • Genome-wide characterization of copy number variants in epilepsy patients

    May 18, 2017, Human Genetics Research Day, McGill University
    Montreal, Canada Details PDF

  • Genome-wide characterization of copy number variants in epilepsy patients

    Apr 24, 2017, Canadian Human and Statistical Genetics Meeting
    Quebec, Canada Details PDF


  • Global patterns of copy number variation in humans from a population-based analysis

    Apr 5, 2016, International Congress of Human Genetics
    Kyoto, Japan Details PDF


  • Population-based Detection of Structural Variants in Normal and Aberrant Genomes

    Apr 19, 2015, Canadian Human and Statistical Genetics Meeting
    Vancouver, Canada Details PDF


  • Population-based Detection of Structural Variants in Normal and Aberrant Genomes

    Sep 21, 2014, Genome Informatics
    Cambridge, UK Details PDF

  • Population-based detection of Structural Variants in normal and aberrant genomes.

    Jun 5, 2014, Human Genetics Research Day, McGill University
    Montreal, Canada Details PDF


Between 2013 and 2018, I organized eight R workshops for the students of the Human Genetics department. Slides can be found here. For these workshops, I received a Certificate of Appreciation from the department.

Other teaching experiences include:


  • Introduction to R Markdown

    May 9, 2018, Montreal Bioinformatics User Group
    Montreal, Canada Slides


  • Genomic Region Visualization in R with the Gviz package

    Jan 25, 2017, Montreal Bioinformatics User Group
    Montreal, Canada Slides


  • Instructor at the 4th Kyoto Course and Symposium on Bioinformatics for Next Generation Sequencing with Applications in Human Genetics.

    Mar 29, 2016, Human Genetics Dpt., McGill University
    Kyoto, Japan Slides


  • Teaching Assistant for the Advanced Statistical Concepts in Genetic and Genomic Analysis course.

    Sep 1, 2014, Human Genetics Dpt., McGill University
    Montreal, Canada

  • Four-days R and Bioinformatics workshop for graduate students.

    Jul 21, 2014, System Biology Dpt., McGill University
    Montreal, Canada


I regularly write down notes about the tools and programming languages I use in a separate website. There are instructions to setup my working environment (Emacs-based) or things I don’t use often enough to remember but enough to collectively waste my time re-googling. I also put some exploratory analyses that might be helpful or interesting to some.

HippocamPlus: my second memory


  • B522, INSERM IRSD U1220, CHU PURPAN, Place du Docteur Baylac, CS 60039, 31024 TOULOUSE CEDEX 3, ​FRANCE